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The VB Zone is an online Visual Basic programming resource for both beginners and experts. This site provides sample code, sample projects, HOWTO lessons, programming related downloads, programming related links, tips, tricks, VB programming discussion forums and chats, and much more.

This site is meant for your use, and your benefit.  If you have any feedback, suggestions, or things you'd like added to this site to make it more useful and helpful in your programming, feel free to do so via Email at vbz@thevbzone.com.


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The VB Zone "10 Commandments" of coding :

1)  "Option Explicit" is the first line in your code
2)  As little dependencies as is possible (none if you can help it)
3)  Keep the code clean and orderly
4)  Always include error checking where prudent, or needful
5)  Don't forget code documentation / commenting
6)  Keep code properly indented and aligned
7)  Always spell out ByRef / ByVal for subroutine parameters or declarations
8)  Always explicitly spell out the data types of dimensioned variables
9)  Include sample usage coded in subroutine documentation where applicable
10)  Take the time to give your project a "user friendly" look and feel

- Kevin Wilson



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Looking for a way to easily and efficiently load, manage, modify, alter, and save images such as BMP, DIB, RLE, ICO, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MNG, TIFF, TARGA, PSD, PCD, PCX, and many more?

Looking for a way to add cool effects to images dynamically at run time with one line of code?


This easy to use set of Visual Basic modules and classes will make working with and manipulating images a piece of cake compared to the hoops you'd have to jump through to do the same thing without it!


Looking for a way to add  PDF  output to your program or web application?

CHECK OUT "Text Into PDF (TXT N2 PDF)" !!

This simple, yet powerful programming library will make it easy to generate dynamic PDF files on the fly.  It is ASP friendly, and is compiled under VB5, VB6, and VB.NET for your convenience.  The "Text Into PDF" library can be used within any COM aware programming environment (including, but not limited to VB, C++, Delphi, REALbasic, .NET, etc.).  With your purchase, you'll also get the source to a "NOTEPAD" like application to create PDF's manually.


Looking for a way to make your application more user-friendly?  Looking for a way to make your menu system more dynamic?  Or just looking for a way to make your application more "modern looking"?


This simple set of Visual Basic modules will easily and efficiently transform your standard, plain, boring menu systems into modern looking menus similar to the ones found in Office 2000 applications.

Microsoft has created a new web site that is dedicated to Visual Basic 6.0 developers called "VB Run".  The URL is:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbrun/
Recently Microsoft announced that they are dropping support for Visual Basic 6.0 (obviously to force VB users to VB.NET).  I personally don't think this is a smart business move on their part, and I believe it demonstrates a lack of interest in their customers and what their customers want/need.  I look at companies like IBM who still supports COBOL and FORTRAN... and Microsoft wants to shift you off the last "new thing" and onto their current "new thing" every one or two years.   Why?  Not because it's the best thing for their customers, but rather because it will force customers in a direction that Microsoft thinks is best (and more importantly because it will deepen their pockets).  I've never had a respect for Microsoft's business practices because they put themselves and their earnings first, and what's the right thing to do or the best thing for their customers second.  This is completely backwards in my opinion.

If you would like to help keep Visual Basic 6.0 alive (for support reasons, for personal preference reasons, or simply for the principle of what Microsoft is doing), then go to the following URL and sign their petition:


By the way, if you are frustrated with Microsoft's decision to do this, or simply are looking for an alternative to going to VB.NET, you might consider going to REALbasic.   REALbasic is a software development package similar in many ways to Visual Basic 6.0.  It uses a very VB6 like code syntax and its IDE is very close to VB6's.   It offers much of what VB6 does, with some object oriented features that are only available in VB.NET (like function overloading, custom object constructors, and inheritance).  And the two biggest advantages (in my opinion) it has over VB6 and VB.NET is when you compile your program, it has no run-time / dependencies / framework, and you can compile one code base to Windows, Mac, and/or Linux.

For a limited time (expires April 15, 2005), you can get a FREE copy of REALbasic 5.5 for Windows Standard Edition.  CLICK HERE to get your copy before its too late!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Happy Thanksgiving!
I added a new module called "modDosCommand.bas".  This module is very similar to "modShellCommand.bas", however it does not write out to a temp file in order to capture the output text.  This is useful when you need everything to be done in memory or you have file access/permissions issues with your users.
With love we remember our fellow Americans who lost their lives September 11 to faceless cowards.  Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones that day. 

With reverence and respect we remember and honor those who gave their lives in service of their fellow man.  We thank you.



I've added new RSS feeds under the "VB NEWS & INFO" section.  I figure the more information the better.   =)

I've also cleaned up the "VB Links" page under the "VB RESOURCES" section.  Some links had either changed or become invalid.

I've desided to break the "Advanced Imagery Library" away from "The VB Zone" and give it its own web site.  I think this will be in the best interest of those who use it.  The new web site is:


Check it out!

I've added a new section called "VB NEWS & INFO".  This is a page that is rendered dynamically based on an XML "RSS" feed.  The subject matter of the RSS feed is "Visual Basic".

I've also added a "Feedback" section under the "ABOUT THE AUTHOR" section.  This allows you to quickly, easily, and privately submit feedback or comments without going through your Email client (since the submittion for is web-based).

I have updated the "modFTP.bas" module to fix a few VERY serious bugs that kept the DOWNLOAD and SETDIRECTORY functions from working properly.   I also updated the "FTP_VB5.DLL" and "FTP_VB6.DLL" to reflect the fix.
I've added a module called "modMP3.bas" which allows you to get or set the ID3v1 tags of any MP3 file.  It does not yet have the ability to read or write ID3v2 tags, but it probibly will some time in the future.
I have combined the technologies contained within the "Advanced Bitmap Processing" module and the FreeImage library (modFreeImage.bas) to create a new and improved library.  It is called the "Advanced Imagery Library" (or AIL for short).  It has several ways to make use of it including COM DLL interface, class module interface, or direct access via modules

By combining the "modFreeImage.bas" module with the "modBitmap_Adv.bas" module and then wrapping everything in an easy to use class or DLL interface... quicker, easier access was given the user along with the advantages and power of both in one location.  Also, because they are now compiled into a couple of COM DLL's, you can use the AIL within all "COM-Aware" development environments, including (but not limited to):

VB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0, VBA, VB.NET, REALbasic 5.5, DELPHI, VC++, C++, C++ .NET, C# .NET, J# .NET, Java, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, JavaScript, VbScript

Also it has the ability to work with the following memory-based image formats:

- Native AIL "Image" format
- Device Dependant Bitmap (Win32 BITMAP)
- Device Independent Bitmap (DIB)
- OLE StdPicture Object

as well as the following file-based image formats:


For more information, CLICK HERE

As of April 8, 2004 the "modFreeImage.bas" module for VB5 and VB6 is no longer available as a FREE download from "The VB Zone" web site. The FreeImage wrapper module is now part of the "Advanced Imagery Library" which is sold for $25.00 USD ($15.00 USD if you previously purchased the "Advanced Bitmap Processing" module) via "The VB Zone" web site.

If you need a VB wrapper for the FreeImage, the "Advanced Imagery Library" (or AIL) contains a wrapper for both FreeImage v2.x and v3.x.

For more information, go to the following URL:


If you have an existing product that makes use of the "modFreeImage.bas" module, you are NOT required to pay anything to continue it's use within that product.  However, if you upgrade or update that product to a new version... you are required to purchase the "Advanced Imagery Library" in order to do so.  Otherwise, you are required to remove the "modFreeImage.bas" module from that product.

If you have a copy of "modFreeImage.bas" but have not yet used it for anything, you are required to purchase the "Advanced Imagery Library" in order to keep it, or make use of it in the future.  If you do NOT deside to pay for the "Advanced Imagery Library", you are required to delete/destroy all copies of the "modFreeImage.bas".

"The VB Zone" has a new addition!  I've added a new section to this site dedicated to REALbasic (A development environment created by "REAL Software" which is very similar to Visual Basic both in syntax and style).  You'll notice that now the site lists three sub-domains:

http://www.thevbzone.com    (VB5 and VB6)
http://net.thevbzone.com      (VB.NET)
http://rb.thevbzone.com        (REALbasic)

It is interesting to note that "The VB Zone" is the first "Visual Basic" web site to add "REALbasic" to the content of the site.  Adding it makes sense though since the languages, the development environments, and a lot of the technologies are so similar.

I will be adding more REALbasic information and content as time goes on.  Stay tuned!

I've updated the links page, and have updated this page.  I will soon make some more changes, but I think I'll call it a nite at this point.  Stay tuned for more.
I've updated the modFTP.bas, modWININET.bas, cFTP.cls, cFTP_ASP.cls, FTP_VB5.dll, and FTP_VB6.dll files to correct a few problems that Luis Antonio Gomez Mu˝oz pointed out to me.  Thanks for the tip, Luis!
I've added a new standard VB module called "modCreditCard.bas" which allows you to easily and quickly check if a supplied credit card number is valid.   It will also tell you what type of credit card it is based on the number (VISA, MC, Discover, Amer Ex, or Diners Club).

WARNING: This module is NOT meant to tell you if the credit card number is "valid"... only that it is "well formed".  You should only use this routine to make sure the user correctly typed in their credit card number before submitting it to a third party company.  They will tell you if the account that the number represents exists, is valid, and has not expired.

I've updated the standard Visual Basic module "modBitmap.bas".   I made some slight updates to it.

I've also updated the "modBitmap_Adv.bas" (Advanced Bitmap Processing Module).  I  added the ability to convert Device Independant Bitmap (DIB) to Device Dependant Bitmaps (DDB)... more commonly known as GDI BITMAP objects.   The AB module now converts back and fort from DIB to BITMAP, and can also render DIB's directly to any Device Context (DC).

IMPORTANT: The DIB's that the "FreeImage.dll" works with are NOT starndard Win32 DIB objects.  Converting back and forth from the AB module and FreeImage will cause errors.

I've added a new standard VB module called "modShortcuts.bas" which allows you to easily create a shortcut to any file and put it anywhere on the same drive as the START MENU/PROGRAMS folder (including the Desktop and the START menu).

To see previous news, CLICK HERE !