Recommended Sites:

  The VB Zone .NET  - 
   This is the sister web site of this site dedicated to VB.NET (instead of VB5 and VB6)

  The VB Zone [RB]  - 
   This is the sister web site of this site dedicated to REALbasic (instead of VB5 and VB6)
    Reference Sites:

  Visual Basic Developer Center  -  Microsoft's official Visual Basic site

  Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center  -  Microsoft's official resource site for VB6

  MSDN Online Library  -  Close to a Gigabyte of references


  AllAPI  -  The KPD-Team  (API Guide Program)


    Other Visual Basic / Programming Sites:

  vbspeed  -  The Visual Basic Performance Site

  DEV X  -  The Development Exchange

  Visual Studio Magazine - (Previously the VBPJ Magazine)
    -  c|net ActiveX download center


  Extreme Visual Basic Forum - An very well done discusson Forum


  Elite VB - A good resource for VB programmers


  Veign  -  Provides code samples, sample projects, and some of the best COM components around


  Developers dex  -  Empoering Developers Worldwide
    -  The VB Specific Search Engine

  experts X exchange  - 
  The #1 knowledge sharing community on the Web

     ( If you sign up, use me as a reference  -  "HATCHET" )


  Planet Source Code  -  Online VB knowledge base


  VBDepot  -  A resource center for beginning and advanced VB programmers


  VB Diamond  -  A GREAT VB resource


  vb accelerator  -  The VB programmer's resource


  CodeVB.Com  -  An online community resource for Visual BASIC, Delphi, & C++ programmers
    -  A great message board with many programming topics (including VB and .NET)


  VBWire  -  Visual Basic News & Information Source


  DEVELOPER  -  The developer's resource


  Visual Basic Programming Zone


  Coding Tips Daily Blog  -  A programming blog covering a range of topics (VB, VB.NET, ASP.NET, etc)
    -  The developer's resource


  Bassic Software - All about Visual Basic


  VB Explorer  -  A place for the VB newbie


  VB Helper  -  Online VB resource

Visual Basic Zone

  Visual Basic Zone  -  For Visual Basic Code, Games, and More!  -  An online jobsite dedicated exclusively to VB professionals.


  SoftCircuts  -  Programming web site